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Business Continuity Management

The electricity business disruption is a risk affecting people’s lives and industrial plants’ operations. Preparation for the rapidly operational recovery during the crisis together with appropriate and adequate communication will help minimize any impacts as well as build confidence from the Company’s stakeholders, especially customers and partners. Therefore, The Business Continuity Management (BCM) receiving high attention from the Company.

The Company announced its business continuity management policy in 2018 with reference to the principles and requirements of the ISO 22301:2012 business continuity management standard, covering the process of identifying key work procedures, business impact analysis and risk assessment, as well as planning the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and BCP drills. The Company’s BCM has been integrated with the supervision and management of Banpu Group where CEO of Banpu Power is a member of the Crisis Management Team, assigned to be a leader and a spokesperson to the public in the crisis related to power generation business. This integrated BCM reflects a harmonious way of working, helping save operational resources with maximum effectiveness.

Key targets of business continuity management are as follows:

• Effectively responding to the incidents and preventing extended damages
• Appropriately and adequately communicating to the public in the time acceptable by stakeholders

• Able to restore key necessary activities to rapidly deliver products and services in the time acceptable by stakeholders
• Preparedness of information technology system and supportive information for operations
• Preparation for alternative workplace and necessary equipment

• Rapidly restoring all company’s activities in the time acceptable by stakeholders

A significant challenge for the continuity of power business is a damage at large power plants where activity recovery takes time. The Company, therefore, has given priority to invest in preventing, controlling and reducing the incident severity. For solar power plants, the Company has preliminary surveillance and verification by the remote information systems. An inspection has also been done when there is sufficient security. The focus is on closely communicating with the contractors to inspect the damages while the power buyers are informed so that they can procure electricity from other sources instantly.


The Company regularly conducts a BCP drill to ensure that its business continuity management operates effectively as follows:

• Business continuity management during COVID-19, as a result, no business interruption during the pandemic.

• In cooperation with Banpu Group in conducting the BCP Drill at headquarters and passing the ISO 22301:2012 certification audit from 2016 to present.

• Organizing a workshop to review risks and developing a crisis communication manual to cover additional power businesses by considering the severe and high risks as the most priority. The Company’s Crisis Communication Team (CCT) participated in the CCT drill together with the Corporate Communications team of Banpu Group to ensure integrated system and flow.

• Developing information technology systems within the organization by gradually uploading information into the Cloud Computing system, which could restore the system and necessary information more quickly. The system and information restoration drill has been conducted annually.

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