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Occupational Health and Safety


Workplace safety is the utmost target for operations since unsafely working may cause losses of lives and assets as well as have an effect on the environment and employee’s health.  Therefore, creating a work safety culture to proactively prevent accidents must be carried out and improve continuously for example, creating a safe working environment, establishing clear preventive measures, evaluating performances, promoting knowledges and raising awareness, as well as drawing participations from all employees and stakeholders.

The safe workplace environment is counted as the human rights of which employees, contractors and those working in the areas should get sufficiently and equally.  In addition, promoting employee participation in expressing their ideas to improve their workplace environment will finally help in creating their contributions, encouragements, and engagements with the organizations.

Management Approach

BPP has focused on cultivating a safety culture within the organization with the ‘3 ZEROs’ target as followings:

To achieve the above targets, BPP has managed its safety as following:

  • Duties and Responsibilities on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Management ranging from the top to operational levels has a commitment and responsibility to create work safety. The process starts with construction designs to operations as well as a prevention and collection of unsafe working conditions and behaviors.  The determination of short- and long- term safety goals demonstrates the good leadership and example in safety.   In addition, all employees have duties to create a safe working environment for each other.

  • Complying with Laws and Regulations as well as Safety Standards of BPP

BPP has strictly complied with laws and best practice standards on safety. The safety is regularly monitored according to safety laws and regulations.  Furthermore, BPP has employed the internationally recognized safety management systems in all of its production units.

  • Safety Related Risks Management

BPP has assessed the OHS risks in all areas where it has operations.  Hence, all business units have measures to prevent and reduce safety related risks appropriately.  Operational works with high possibility of severe risks, therefore, have to develop a plan to mitigate risks to the acceptable level.

  • Creating a Safety Culture

BPP has given great values on promoting and cultivating a safety culture among its employees and contractors working in all areas where it has operations.   The safety concerned behaviors have been valued by integrating into the ‘Care’ corporate culture.  Additionally, the employees and contractors are encouraged to give warning to each other if seeing unsafe working behaviors.

  • Encouraging Employees to Gain Sufficient Knowledges and Expertise in OHS.

BPP has supported and educated its employees and contractors about OHS so that they have sufficient OHS abilities to work safely, including frequently examining and reviewing their understandings.

  • Innovation and Safety Technologies.

BPP has promoted the adoption of innovations and modern technologies to further improve its safety operation standards to be better, such as using the digital technology for safety monitoring, etc.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy


  • The LTIFR of employees and contractors was zero.
  • Zero working accident resulting in fatalities of employees and contractors as well as others involved with the operations of BPP.


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