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Employee Management


Employees are the most important factor in running operations and driving the organization growth. Since BPP has operated and expanded its businesses to many countries with differences in in both culture and labor law, the company has focused on conducting good labor practice standards according to the international principles. Moreover, it has committed to carrying out and improving the labor practices continuously in order to maintain its employees in all workplaces with best practice standards equally.

In addition to providing a safe working environment and allocating resources and welfare to facilitate employee’s operations appropriately and adequately, BPP has also paid great importance on promoting equality and non-discrimination. This starts from the recruitment process to measurement of employee’s performance and growth within the organization.  It also includes creating employee’s participation and listening to their opinions in order to improve the labor practices on a regular basis.  The aim is to be an organization with good labor practices, which is recognized internationally.

Management Approach

BPP has employed the employee relationship policy as a practice guideline for creating good relationships with its employees. The employee engagement is comprised of three principles as following:

The key drivers engaging employees with the organizations include:

To manage its human resources in all operating countries to be suitable for the new context efficiently, and to support the “One Banpu, One Goal” concept, turning it into tangible actions, BPP has taken following actions:

  • Employee recruitment process: BPP emphasizes on qualifications and knowledge, as well as competences of all applicants equally, mainly to fit with the needs of each job. Thereby, the proportion of male and female workforces is not different.
  • Promoting collaboration under diversity: As mentioned above, BPP has long been supporting its human resources in all countries where it has operated businesses, to work collaboratively under diversities in order to strengthen teamwork and drive the company’s innovation in making a business grown sustainably.
  • BPP aims to develop its personnel to be the professional staff by treating and giving them equal opportunities regardless of nationalities, races, languages ​​and genders. These professional employees are committed to working under the clear vision and mutual goals, strongly uniting into one, and adhering to the Banpu Heart corporate culture.
  • Performance Management: BPP has established a fair key performance indicators (KPI) system in order to manage its performance to be consistent with the goals set.    In addition, it has also improved a KPI scoring criteria, divided into two (2) parts: Work related KPIs, accountable for 70%, and behavior base KPIs, equivalent to 30%, The behavior base KPI is scored based on behaviors expressed by employees in accordance with a corporate culture.
  • Defining other KPIs beyond individual responsibilities: Other KPIs related to subordinate management skills, such as leadership KPIs have been set up for department managers and above to make them realize that other than department’s managerial works, supervising and taking care of subordinates is also helping operate the department better.
  • Setting up a complaint channel: Employees can submit various complaints through the compensation committee, established as a means for them to submit their matters for consideration, and further present to executives. In addition, employees can consult or submit their complaints on various affairs via supervisors directly, or through the Human Resource Management Department.  If the employee wants to submit an anonymous matter, he/she can send a story through online channels such as working discomforts, team conflicts or having problems with supervisors, including lacking of transparent practices and sexual harassment. BPP has employed a process to investigate such complaints and disciplinary punishments as specified in working regulations.


  • No incidents related to violations of labor laws and practices, discrimination, rights violation, sexual and other harassments in the workplace.
  • The working environment examination results were in accordance with the standards prescribed by laws, and there were no serious working accidents in all operational areas.
  • BPP has conducted the “Banpu Heart” and employee engagement survey annually, which is operated by external agencies. In 2022, the number of employees participating in the survey accounted for 98% of the total workforce. The survey results are as follows:

  • Upgrading welfare by listening to employees’ opinions.


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Banpu Group’s Human Resource Management Policy

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