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Employee Management


BPP believes that taking good care of employees by making them feel as part of the organization and satisfied with their works, inclusive of providing a fair opportunity for their career opportunities and listening to their opinions for further improvement, will finally make employees work happily. This will also drive them to continuously improve their works and help reduce the turnover rate as well as keep potential employees with the organization. In addition, the level of employee engagement is significantly related to the competitive advantage, growth, stability, and sustainability, as well as shareholders’ returns.

Management Approach

BPP has formulated the employee relation policy as a practice guideline for strengthening good relationships with its employees.  The employee engagement is fostered with ‘Say Stay Strive’ concept.

The key drivers in persuading employees to engage with the organization are as following:

  1. Agility is comprised of cooperation and coordination, customer focus, decision making, differences and unity, inclusion of infrastructure and resources.
  2. Engaging Leadership includes the leaderships of top management and supervisors.
  3. Talent Focus is involved with corporate reputation, opportunities for career advancement, learning and development, performance management, remuneration management system, welfares, rewards and prides, as well as human resources management.
  4. The Work contains work characteristics and work-life balance.
  5. The Basics consist of working safety.

BPP in cooperation with external consulting firms have conducted the employee engagement survey annually. The analyzed survey results and suggestions from employees will be later used for developing the engagement action plan for both organizational and departmental levels. In addition, the reporting system to quarterly update management the progress of employee engagement has been created so as to continually strengthen the employee engagement.




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