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Business Ethics


BPP aims to operate business in the best interest of shareholders, investors, customers, business partners, communities and all groups of stakeholders.  It, therefore, has put utmost efforts to create business growth with good return in tan dem with conducting business with honest, integrity, morality and ethics.  A code of conduct manual composed with best practices has been arranged for its directors, executives and employees so that they acknowledge and adhere as the operational guideline. In addition, BPP is committed to respecting and complying with applicable laws, rules and regulations in all areas where it has operated businesses.

Management Approach

BPP has prepared a “Code of Conduct” handbook and communicated it to all directors, executives and employees so as to be used as a guideline for working and performing their duties with honesty and transparency, upholding to the rules of law, standing firms in justice and ethics, including putting top priority to customers and social responsibility, not being involved with politics and taking into account all group of stakeholders. These also include non-involvement in human rights violations, anti-corruption, no gifts and bribes, no conflicts of interest, no actions infringing others’ intellectual properties or copyrights, as well as having channels for stakeholder’s whistleblowing.

In order to comply with the CG principles for listed companies for the year 2017 issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission, BPP revised its Corporate Governance policy and Code of Conduct handbook in 2021. Consequently, two aspects of contents were added, including a holding of directorship in other companies by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a determination of blackout period for securities trading as well as a report on changes in holding BPP’s securities by the Board of Directors and its executives. In addition, the anti-corruption policy was also improved so as to be in line with the guidelines of “Thailand Private Sector Collective Action against Corruption” (CAC) project.

BPP focuses on developing business ethics to meet the international standards and adheres to operating business in accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations and criteria related to business operations both domestically and internationally, for example:

  • The Good Corporate Governance principle for listed companies by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Articles of Association of the Company according to the Securities and Exchange Act.
  • Policy Statement on Code of Best Practices of Directors of Listed Companies
  • The CG ASEAN Scored Card by ASEAN Capital Market Forum
  • Principles of Corporate Governance โดย The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

BPP has always fought against all forms of corruption whether directly, indirectly or through the third parties. Hence, the anti-corruption measures have been set up in the “Anti-Corruption Policy”, while the guidelines for anti-corruption policy on accepting and offering of gifts, hospitality, or other similar forms have also been established.  The aim is to be a clear practice guideline for operating business with honesty, transparency and verifiability in order to develop into a sustainable organization.


  • A membership in Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) was renewed in Q4/2022, marking the second term after being certified for the first time in 2019.
  • Having received the “Excellence CG Scoring” rating or accountable for 94%. The rating received was based on the 2022 corporate governance survey of listed companies organized by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD).  BPP has received this “Excellence CG Scoring” rating for the third consecutive year, reinforcing its commitment and success in sustainability operations, which has taken into account the environmental, social and good governance (ESG) issues.
  • BPP was ranked as one of 234 listed companies from six ASEAN countries, namely Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. The Company was selected in the “ASEAN Asset Class Publicly Listed Companies 2021” group, receiving an ASEAN CG Scorecard of 50 points up.
  • BPP was appraised by the Thai Investors Association on the topic of “Tutoring Intensively, receiving 100% Scores”, or “Tiwkhem Hai Temroi” in Thai. BPP received a full 100% score.

Moreover, BPP has cultivated a culture of ethical operation by defining it as one of the corporate core values and one of the key performance indicators (KPI) of all executives and employees. In 2022, BPP continued promoting various activities so as to ensure that all of its personnel know about business ethics and anti-corruption as follows:

  • A training on organizational business ethics for newly hired employees with 100% attendances.
  • A knowledge test on corporate governance and business ethics was conducted with executives and employees accepting such policies 100%.
  • No significant complaints relating to corporate governance.
  • None of incidents associated with corporate governance and corruption.
  • The corporate shared values survey conducted with employees found that the value of “Adhere to Integrity and Ethics” was one of the behaviors BPP employees express the most.
  • The corporate culture survey results for the year 2022 found that, overall, the “Committed” attribute was in a satisfactory level.
  • Organizing activities to promote understanding of business ethics annually or the “CG Day” under the theme of “Scale up your CG”.
  • Conducting CG communications in the form of VDO podcast every Friday through the program called “Friday Morning News Program” so as to make executives and employees well aware of the CG principles seen up-close, inclusion of reviewing the correct understanding.
  • Assessing the corruption risks and developing preventive measures for the year 2022 by conducting risk assessments covering every business in all countries where BPP has investments, both at the subsidiary and joint venture companies, and reporting the results to the Risk Management Committee.
  • Continuously operating business in accordance with the guidelines on accepting and offering of gifts, hospitality, or other similar forms in accordance with the “No Gift Policy”, and communicating the anti-corruption policy to directors, executives and employees throughout the organization, including stakeholders in order to make the policy into materialized practices.


Key Activities and Projects



Corporate Governance Policy and Code of Conduct

Anti-Corruption Policy

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