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Performance Overview


  • Ranked as one of companies bestowed the “Excellence CG Scoring”, assessed by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD).
  • Having been a member of the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC).
  • Received an ASEAN CG Scorecard in the category of ASEAN Asset Class PLCs from 2021 from ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS).
  • No environment, social, and corporate governance relating incidences.


  • Expanding the energy technology through an investment in Banpu NEXT, Banpu NEXT partners “Cherdchai Moter Sales Co., Ltd”., to build a lithium-ion battery assembly plant in Thailand for e-Buses and all EV segments in Asia-Pacific.
  • The availability factor (AF) of power plants in which BPP has direct management control was in an average of 94%.
  • Deploying the high-efficiency and low-emissions technology for excellent environmental performance.
    • The greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity 0.609 tonnes CO2e/MWh, decreasing 9.9% compared to target.
    • The sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions intensity 0.0218 tonnes/GWh.
    • The oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions intensity 0.0379 tonnes/GWh.
    • The particulate matters (PM) emissions intensity 0.00256 tonnes/GWh.
    • The water consumption intensity 0.818 cubic meters/MWh.


  • LTIFR was
    • Employee 1.49 persons/million working hours.
    • Supplier/contractor 0 person/million working hours.
  • The employee engagement score
    • 74% in Thailand.
    • 96% in China.
  • Cultivating the “Banpu Heart”, a strong corporate culture helping unite the employees in driving businesses with a “Banpu Heart” score
    • 84% in Thailand.
    • 92% in China.
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