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Process Improvement and Innovation


‘Innovation’, in the context of Banpu Power, is the design and selection of high-efficiency and clean technologies suitable for each project , and the initiation to change the working process to be more efficient.  This can be proceeded through studying how to improve the procedures, probably including applying advanced technologies to current tasks such as digital technologies, electricity trading technologies, and a virtual power plant etc. The development of production processes and innovations will be a significant platform to increase competitive advantages and create stable and sustainable growth amid the fast-changing industry during the disruptive technology era.

Management Approach

Banpu Power has improved its production efficiency based on the principles of ‘Operational Excellence’ together with innovations.  Employees at all levels collaborate to identify problems possibly arisen during working including finding their root causes through a systematic process and continuous improvement in order to increase working efficiency and process reliability as well as to reduce costs and losses in a production procedure. The process starts with training employees to enable them to identify the problems that may arise during their working processes with the support from a corporate team.  In addition, a knowledge exchange between business units for mutual learning has been conducted, while employees have the opportunity to present a project initiated and implemented with fruitful results.

The Company has driven innovation through the creation of corporate culture – the ‘Innovative’ value, one of the three corporate shared values. Innovation has been promoted through various activities in order to help all employees understand the importance of applying innovation to their works.  The ‘Wow Idea’ system has been created for employees to propose their initiatives so that they can present the ideas and innovations leading to the concretely tangible practices.

With a realization of future operations in which digital technology will play an important role in creating competitive advantages, Banpu Power has paid great attention to the transformation of work processes to the digital age (Digital transformation). As a result, not only devices have been modified, but also applications have been developed.  Moreover, employee’s digital skills have been enhanced, while their working concepts have been adjusted so that they have flexibilities, skills and expertise, being able to quickly respond to any new changes or demands.  This includes the effective cooperation with experts in various fields (Agility).



  • Carrying out the digital transformation project aligned with the target set.
  • Having the assessment result related to digital mutuality level of 42%, which was classified in the digital leader group, an increase of 30% from the year 2018 when the digital transformation started implementation.
  • The power plant’s production process and innovation improvement project, such as:
    • A project to improve the power plant’s boilers to be able to accommodate wastes generated from customers’ production process at Zouping Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant.
    • A project to improve the power plant’s boilers to handle low-calorific coal in order to reduce the fuel costs at Zhengding CHP Plant.


Key Activities and Projects


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Innovation Policy


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