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Process Improvement and Innovation


‘Innovation’, in the context of Banpu Power, is the design and selection of high-efficiency and clean technologies suitable for each project , and the initiation to change the working process to be more efficient.  This can be proceeded through studying how to improve the procedures, probably including applying advanced technologies to current tasks. The development of production processes and innovations are major factors in increasing competitive advantages, especially using digital technology in the production process, supply chain management and energy trading.

Management Approach

With an aim to increase workforce efficiency and process reliability, as well as to reduce costs and losses in a production process, BPP has improved its production efficiency based on the principle of “Operational Excellence” together with innovations through participation of employees at all levels.  By this means, all employees collaborate to identify problems possibly arising during work, find the root causes through a systematic process, and make improvements continuously. This operating process starts with training employees to enable them to identify the problems possibly arising during working processes with supports from a corporate team.  Moreover, a knowledge exchange between business units for mutual learning has been conducted, while employees have the opportunity to present the projects initiated and implemented with fruitful results.

BPP drives innovations through a creation of corporate culture – the “Innovative” value, which is one of the three corporate shared values. Innovation has been promoted through various activities to make all employees understand the importance of applying innovation to their works.  BPP encourages its employees to present ideas and innovations in order to turn those initiatives into tangible practices. It also promotes learning within the organization in the form of a “Learning Application Project”, encouraging employees from different departments to work on projects together, by using creativity and innovation. The project initiated, then, will be presented to the committee to approve on budgets for operation.

BPP has set up the “Innovation Committee”, comprised of employee representatives, who are responsible for promoting innovation within the organization. In addition, knowledge management and an annual “Innovation Convention” have been conducted to transfer innovation knowledge within the organization.   The annual “Innovation Convention” aims to exchange knowledge, and experiences, as well as to demonstrate the outstanding performance of employees in implementing innovative projects.

BPP has employed a mechanism to screen production development projects, innovations, and various digital projects thoroughly, by setting evaluation criteria covering the areas of investment values, risks, financial returns, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, as well as sustainability.  This includes expanding the projects for implementing in other production units.

Due to its awareness of future operations, in which digital technology will play an important role in creating competitive advantages, and in according with the “Greener & Smarter” strategy, Banpu Group places great emphasis on the transformation of work processes towards the digital age (Digital transformation).  In addition, a selection of technology and a development of information systems must be suitable for 1) a level of business necessity 2) meeting the objectives, and 3) having opportunities to realize the returns quickly. Meanwhile, the infrastructure laid down must be highly flexible to support business expansion.  More importantly, a system to prevent cyber security risks has been installed since a power business is a security part in the area possibly being a target for cyber threats. As a result, a risk assessment is required, while a safety must be tested.  Furthermore, preventive measures have also been established to be always up-to-date, while a Global Information Security Officer (GISO) has been employed with duties on and responsibilities for supervising information security, digital technology risks, and legal compliance across Banpu Group.



  • Combined heat and power (CHP) plants recorded AF of 95.98%, and FOF of 0%.
  • Gas-fired power plants had AF of 82.68%, and FOF of 0.51%.
  • Overall cybersecurity and privacy maturity score was 3.5.
  • Bangkok Office and Beijing Office were certified ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Standard.
  • Conducting a business continuity plan (BCP) drill in order to test a response plan in the event of business and personal data leakage.


Key Activities and Projects



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Innovation Policy


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