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Environmental Compliance


The Company significantly emphasizes environmental compliance in all business units in order to prevent risks possibly having a severe impact on business operations, and to create confidence among all stakeholders, especially the surrounding communities, employees, business partners and shareholders of the Company. This also reflects the Company’s responsibility on environment in every country where we have business operations.

Management Approach

The environmental compliance is one of the Company’s commitment in accordance with environment policy. There are management approaches to achieve the intention to operate business with environmental responsibility for all our business activities as follows:

  1. 100% compliant by fully complying with all relevant current environmental legislation and company standards as well as monitor developments and prepare ourselves for potential changes
  2. Ensure the continual improvement by providing sufficient resources to develop and maintain the environmental management system with the aim of continually improving our environmental performances
  3. Assess and monitor about risk related environmental issues by integrating risks management principles in every process of our businesses and develop mitigation measures for each significant risk to prevent or reduce its impact
  4. Manage environmental impacts to ensure that substances or activities posting a threat to environment are prevented from adversely affecting the environment and perform environmental impact assessment for all operation activities
  5. Conserve resources and efficiently use specially energy, water, and landfill
  6. Communicate and build capacity of stakeholders by communicating environmental aims and objectives to employee and supply chain to raise their awareness and encourage participation

Environment Policy

Monitoring of Environment Quality Required by Laws
The Company has a system to monitor environmental qualities required by laws and monitors the possibility of changes on laws in order to promptly adjust itself. The Company monitored environmental qualities required by laws as follows:

  • Internal audits with the Company’s measurement systems, such as the Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) and the Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AQM), etc.
  • Inspections by external agencies, such as the water and air quality inspections by external agencies, the audits for certification of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard, etc.


  • All combined heat and power plants have been certified for Environmental Management System (ISO 14001).
  • No significant environmental non-compliance incident
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