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Coal-Fired Power Plant

A power plant which burns coal to produce electricity

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant

The simultaneous generation of stream and electricity, a thermodynamically efficient use of fuel

Feed-in Tariff (Fit)

Fixed electricity prices that are paid to renewable energy (RE) producers for each unit of energy produced and injected into the electricity grid

Godo Kaisha (GK)

A type of business organization in Japan modeled after the American limited liability company (LLC) which has a simplified internal structure which offers limited liability for all investors

Independent Power Producer (IPP)

An entity that is not a public utility, but owns facilities to generate electric power for sale to utility end-users, produces more than 90 MW capacity

Mine-Mouth Power Plant

A power plant which is located near a coal mine and uses the coal from that mine to generate electricity

Renewable Power Plant

A power plant which uses energy from natural sources and/or reuse material such as solar, hydro, wind, and biomass

Thermal Power Plant

A power plant which the prime mover is steam driven

Tokumei Kumiai (TK) Structure

An investment form which two or more partners create a Tokumei Kumiai (TK) using a contractual agreement, one partner is the ‘proprietor’ or ‘operator’, and the other partners are ‘silent’ or ‘limited’ partners. The silent partners contribute cash or other assets to the operator who then manages the assets for the business designated in the partnership agreement.

Transmission Line

An interconnected network for delivering electricity

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