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Terms & Condition
Banpu Power Public Company Limited (“Company”) has developed this Website to provide useful information about the Company and to act as a media provider of the Company to contact with its stakeholders and interested persons. Please carefully read and understand all these Terms and Conditions thoroughly before using the Website. Your access to the Website shall deem that you unconditionally accept and comply with all these Terms and Conditions described hereto.

Intellectual Property
Unless otherwise specified herein, the Company shall own all intellectual property rights in the texts, images, audio/video clips, contents, multimedia, and other materials, (hereinafter referred to as “Materials”) that are made available on the Website.

The user is not permitted to exploit the Materials. Any reprinting, sublicensing, copying, modifying, publishing, transferring, selling, or distributing of the Materials,in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited, unless written permission from the Company has been specifically granted to do so.

The Company shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, both direct and indirect, to you or your equipment which may arise from or in relation to the access to our Website, including viruses from e-mails you may receive from the Company.

The Company regularly reviews the accuracy of the Materials contained herein. However, the Company is not obligated to update the Materials. The updating is for your convenience only.

Please use your discretion when providing sensitive information via this Website. Your personal information provided or submitted to the Company through the Website will not be used for any purpose other than that it is submitted for, unless permitted by you or otherwise required/permitted by laws. The Company strives to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, but cannot guarantee absolute security thereof.

At the Company’s sole discretion, the Company shall be entitled to make alteration, amendment or revision of any part of these Terms and Conditions stated herein at any time and from time to time as deem appropriate.
The Company further reserves its right to alter, limit or discontinue the Website service or any part of Materials provided herein without providing rational in any respect.

The contents and design of this Website is copyrighted. Reproduction of any part of these web pages for commercial usage without prior written permission from the Company is prohibited.

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