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About Banpu Power
About Banpu Power
Banpu Power History Highlights
Banpu Power History
Vision & Mission
Business Overview
CEO Message
Management Team
Banpu Power Business
– Energy Resources
– Energy Generation
– Energy Technology
Organizational Structure
Banpu Power Group Structure

Group Operation Map

Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Principles
– Corporate Governance Factsheet
– Corporate Governance Policy and Code of Conduct
– Reporting and Whistleblower Policy
– Anti-Corruption Policy
The Committee
– Board of Directors
– Sub Committees
– Management-Level Committee
Business & Corporate Governance Awards
Corporate Governance and Anti-Corruption Activities

Investor Relations
Stock Information
– Stock Prices
– Historical Price
Investor Update
– SET Notifications
– Investor News
– Annual Report
– Financial Report
– Sustainability Report
– Form 56-1
– Download Investor Kits
– Analyst Meeting Presentation
Financial Information
– Financial Highlights
– Financial Statements
– Management Discussion and Analysis
Investor Presentation & Webcast
Investor Starter Kit
– Factsheet
– Industry Information
Shareholder Information
– Shareholder Information
– Debenture Information
IR Calendar
Analyst Contacts
IR Contacts

Banpu News
Banpu Activities
Photo Gallery

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility Program
– Thailand
– Indonesia
– China

Our Way in Sustainability
– Sustainability Awards
– Voluntary Commitments
– Banpu Power and SDGs
– Banpu Power and UN Global Compact
– Stakeholder Engagement
– Materiality Assessment
– Business Ethics
– Risk Management
– Business Continuity Management
– Efficiency and Reliability of Power Plants
– Process Improvement and Innovation
– Supplier Management
– Customer & Product Stewardship
– Economic Distribution
– Socioeconomic Compliance
– GHG Emissions
– Energy
– Water
– Air Emissions
– Waste
– Mineral Waste
– Specific Waste from Power Plants
– Biodiversity
– Mine Closure
– Mine Subsidence
– Environmental Compliance
– Employee Management
– Corporate Culture
– Human Capital Development
– Occupational Health and Safety
– Community Engagement
– Community Development
– Resettlement
– Indigenous People
– Human Rights
– Corporate Philanthropy
Sustainability Report

Banpu Power People

Contact Banpu Power
Corporate Communications
Investor Relations

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