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Humans and living creatures rely on and depend on the ecosystem and biological resources which are the product from natural and biodiversity that able to be used for living life. Currently, biodiversity is threatened for many reasons, such as habitat loss, a beyond balance utilization of the biological resources, climate change, threats from invasive alien species and pollutions from human activities, etc., especially those in the areas where high biodiversity is existing. The Company is well aware of the importance of biodiversity and has commitment to conduct the power business with cautions and taking into account the project’s potential impacts in order to prevent and reduce the effects to a minimum.

The Company has the biodiversity management guidelines by avoiding any impacts as the first priority since the beginning of selecting operating areas that do not affect the high biodiversity areas. We are committed to conducting biodiversity operations as follows:

• Assessing risks related to biodiversity in all business units
• Conducting a biodiversity study in the project areas possibly having high biodiversity so as to collect data and develop the operational plan to reduce impacts prior to commencing operations
• Taking into account the biodiversity impacts in all periods of project operations, ranging from exploration, construction, operation, and closure stages of the project life cycle
• No business units operated in the areas of world heritages and in the protected areas of the International for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Category I-IV
• Committing to operating projects promoting the net positive impact on biodiversity through following guidelines:

– Avoidance: Avoiding conduction activities possibly causing negative impacts on biodiversity
– Reducing: Reducing unavoidable impacts by identifying operational plan and clear measurements
– Rehabilitation: Rehabilitating the affected areas
– Offset: Operating projects in compensation of biodiversity effects

• Establishing stakeholders’ engagement especially the local communities and academic institutions in order to implement the biodiversity conservation projects
• Supporting in biodiversity research initiatives

Biodiversity Policy


• A complete biodiversity assessment for high potential to have biodiversity impacts in all areas of business units
• No business unit operated in the areas of high biodiversity

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