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BLCP Power Plant’s Social Responsibility Program

Social responsibility actions under BLCP power plant, which is operated by Banpu Power’s joint venture BLCP Power Limited cover an extensive range of activities. Such endeavors include building a mutual understanding with the community and government agencies, and keeping related parties informed of the Plant’s business activities while collecting feedback on a quarterly basis. BLCP power plant’s social responsibility programs are focused on environmental responsibility and social and community development. Among these programs are:

Environmental conservation activities

BLCP Power Plant has been involved in a number of environmental initiatives, including a joint project with the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) to study the feasibility of renewable methanol fuel from the combination of gas from power generation and hydrogen, as well as projects relating to plastic waste reduction and the use of biodiesel as a substitute for petroleum diesel. At the same time, BLCP Power Plant has also led various natural resources conservation programs in the surrounding areas, varying from marine ecological restoration and coral farming, aquaculture, the dam construction in honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother, mangrove forest conservation, to the international coastal waste collection project in collaboration with the factories in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate.

Social and community development activities

BLCP power plant has carried out a wide range of social and community development activities with regards to occupational development and community enterprises, such as, organic farming based on the sufficiency economy philosophy, electrical control technician training programs, scholarship programs, among others.

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