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Community Development

Participation in the agreement on disaster emergency power supply

Following the Japanese government’s policy to promote renewable energy after the earthquake and Tsunami disasters in 2011, BJP’s Nari Aizu Solar Power Plant has contributed to the economic and community development of Fukushima by conducting a study on power supply with the residents of Aizuwakamatsu. According to the research, power shortage is a major concern among the people in the event of disasters. With the commitment to provide affordable and reliable energy, the Company implemented an emergency power supply system at Nari Aizu Solar Farm, and has since taken pride as the first power plant to enter into the disaster emergency power supply agreement with the Aizuwakamatsu Municipality to generate power supply for local residents when disaster strikes.

Community Development

In 2023, BJP paid hometown tax to Aizu-Wakamatsu City and Tono City, where Banpu group’s businesses are located, totaling JPY 2 million (JPY 1 million each). This tax payment contributes to fostering positive relationships between the Company and local communities, improve public utilities, and reduce disparities between urban and rural areas through direct donations to these local areas.

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